White and Corcoran Genealogy

Welcome to my family tree home page, where I'm investigating my family roots and that of my wife Jo. There's a fair mixture of names, from my side there's White,Cullen,Kealy,Brennan,Redmond,Healy,Keaney,McSharry. Jo has more variety, There's Corcoran,Robinson,Berrington,Harling,Cowen,Barker, and her heritage is a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish and Manx.

On the subject of various places, the Whites originate from Kilkenny. The Brennans also come from Kilkenny, from the Castlecomer mining region. The Redmonds and Kealys originate nearby at the other end of the Castlecomer plateau in Modibeadh (pronounced mod-u-bay) in co. Laois (or Queens county as it was known in the 1800s). The Cullens and the Keaneys are from Leitrim, although the Cullen ancestors seem most likely to have moved to the area around the time of Cromwell as Cullen is a Dublin/Wicklow name. On Jo's side most of her family have lancashire (Liverpool/st Helens/Salford) connections with origins in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. Her Berrington relatives, although mill owners in Belfast, originated in St Helens. Its not known where in Ireland the Corcorans originated.

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